Aby promować nowe rozwiązania dostępne w portfolio oprogramowania ANSYS proponujemy mini szkolenia Webex na których eksperci z frim ANSYS lub Symkom prezentują nowe rozwiązania. Jest to też okazja do wymiany doświadczeń oraz opinii pomiędzy użytkownikami.

Ansys Motion: Multibody Dynamics Solver

March 23, 2020 — 16:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Ansys Motion is an advanced multibody dynamics solver which enables fast and accurate analysis of rigid and flexible bodies. It evaluates physical events accurately by analyzing the mechanical system as a whole.

Ansys Motion has four tightly integrated solving schemes: rigid body, flexible body, modal and mesh-free EasyFlex. This gives you unparalleled capabilities to analyze systems and mechanisms in any combination you want. Large assemblies with many millions of degrees of freedom can be studied with the effects of flexibility and contact included. Standard connections and joints then allow these systems to be connected and loaded.


In addition to the basic package, Ansys Motion offers additional toolkits so users working in areas with specific multibody dynamic needs can work faster and more efficiently. In this webinar we will also show you how to integrate Ansys Motion solver technology into the Ansys Mechanical GUI for pre-processing.

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Ansys Icepak and Sherlock For Temperature Cycling

24 marca 2020 — 17:00 – 18:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Temperature cycling of printed circuit boards can cause failures due to solder fatigue. This is a thermomechanical process that happens due to a mismatch in the coefficients of thermal expansion (CTEs) between the PCB and the components. Too often, the thermal and mechanical simulations are done separately: Thermal engineers perform the CFD analysis in Ansys Icepack after the mechanical reliability team has finished with the model.

This webinar will demonstrate an automated process of thermal modeling of printed circuit boards. It will present a workflow to translate ECAD data to a thermal and mechanical model in Ansys Icepack, followed by the transfer of results into Ansys Sherlock for solder fatigue analysis.

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Materials Education using Ansys GRANTA EduPack 2020

24 marca 2020 — 16:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Ansys GRANTA EduPack is the new name for CES EduPack, the leading software used by educators at over 1,000 universities to introduce engineering students to materials and material selection for mechanical design. Besides a fresh look and enhanced functionalities, GRANTA EduPack now includes a medical devices database and a design database. Join this webinar to learn what’s new in GRANTA EduPack and how it helps you teach materials science.

What will you learn?

  • How to use the two streamlined versions of GRANTA EduPack: full and introductory
  • How GRANTA EduPack can help you engage and inspire students learning about materials and design across a range of introductory courses, with new support for medical devices and product design
  • How to apply the Ashby approach of materials selection to mechanical design using new, industrially focused tools like Engineering Solver and Find Similar, previously only available in CES Selector
  • How to access enhanced materials and simulation data to accelerate interdisciplinary capstone design projects

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Start by Validating Your Choice of Materials

24 marca, 2020 — 16:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

To develop an optimal product, you must optimize both the structure and the materials. Typically, a huge amount of time and effort is spent refining the structure using simulation, but little attention is paid to the choice of materials. Designers usually choose materials they’ve used before or are familiar with.

This process often leads to a sub-optimal product. A better choice of material may result in a better/higher-performing product and increased competitive advantage. Join this webinar to hear how Ansys GRANTA Selector solves this issue by quickly evaluating the performance of all classes of engineering materials and identifying optimal materials before you start a simulation.

What You Will Learn

  • Common approaches to choosing materials and the implication of “poor” material choices
  • How to quickly identify the best materials for your application, using GRANTA Selector, and validate that you are using the correct ones
  • How to integrate GRANTA Selector with your simulation products

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone involved in choosing materials – e.g., design engineers, materials experts
  • Simulation analysts who want to focus their simulations on the most productive routes

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Design Highly Durable Products with Ansys Explicit Simulations

26 marca, 2020 — 06:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Customers around the world are increasingly demanding high-quality, durable products which stand the test of time. Rigorous product testing is crucial to satisfy customer demands while keeping production costs to a minimum. Drop testing has become the de facto standard in many industries.

Since physical prototyping is expensive and time consuming, drop test simulation can be performed quickly and accurately using the Ansys Explicit Dynamics tool. In this webinar you will learn how you can create efficient finite element models for solving the highly dynamic structural physics of your products by effectively using explicit methods.

Topics include:

  • Challenges met by Ansys explicit products
  • Application area and overview of explicit dynamics
  • Basic concept of explicit analysis
  • Workflow for impact and drop test
  • Recommendations for drop/impact test simulations

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Combine Ansys Simulation Capabilities With Particleworks for Complicated Fluid Simulations

31 marca 2020 — 16:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Particleworks is a mesh-free, liquid-flow simulation software based on the moving particle simulation (MPS) method, which is capable of complicated fluid simulations such as liquid dropping, mixing, lubrication, spraying, sloshing and splashing.

It complements Fluent’s high-resolution, high-accuracy free surface results. Coupling such complicated liquid behaviors with other physical phenomena such as structure, heat, and airflow, it enables more realistic design verifications much closer to actual products’ behavior. Particleworks for Ansys, a specialized interface tool, can be used in the Ansys Workbench environment to combine with Ansys’ simulation capabilities.

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2020 Ansys Mechanical R1: Enhancements & Updates

31 marca, 2020 —06:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Ansys 2020 R1 empowers Ansys Mechanical users to solve more complex engineering problems faster and more efficiently than ever before. Featuring key improvements for handling complex, highly nonlinear and massively large models, Mechanical continues to help engineers optimize their product design through efficient simulations.

The new release includes post-processing and workflow improvements within Mechanical. Other notable enhancements include complete integration of LS-DYNA into Mechanical’s interface, the inclusion of new technologies for hydrodynamic analysis with Ansys AQWA migration and quicker solve times with Ansys Sherlock.

Join us for this free webinar and discover the latest 2020 R1 enhancements for Mechanical.

  • Understand how you can overcome highly complicated engineering design hurdles faster than ever.
  • Learn how to use Mechanical’s added features to effectively manage complex, highly nonlinear and massively large models.
  • Receive expert tips for streamlining workflows, including post-processing of reinforcements and easy drag-and-drop of external models directly into Mechanical.

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Ansys Motor-CAD 2020 R1: Advancements and Upgrades

2 kwietnia, 2020 —16:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

The webinar features an in-depth look at how you can seamlessly integrate Ansys Motor-CAD into your electric motor design workflow. This state-of-the-art software links to Ansys Maxwell for highly detailed 2D & 3D finite element physics-based analysis of electric machines.

You will receive expert insights on how Motor-CAD outputs an electrothermal model-based design through FMU technology. In this manner, Motor-CAD creates a virtual model to connect with other system-level components, and accurately predicts drive cycles in system-level environments. Additionally, you will learn how multiphysics analysis impacts design decisions early in the design process to help create more competitive electric motor designs.

Join us for this free webinar and learn about the latest 2020 R1 enhancements for Motor-CAD.

  • Discover Motor-CAD’s cutting-edge advancements that effectively optimize electric motor design.
  • Learn how to easily incorporate Motor-CAD into your workflow.
  • Understand how to successfully execute highly precise 2D & 3D physics-based modeling and analysis of machines.

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Artistic Uses of Materials for Engineering and Design Instructors

7 kwietnia, 2020 — 17:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Materials have been at the heart of artistic and creative endeavors throughout history. The story of artworks and design objects provides compelling illustrations and case studies to students coming from science- or art-based backgrounds. Learn how Ansys GRANTA EduPack supports educators in introducing materials topics in their courses with inventive projects and use cases taken from art and design history. The Design database also provides a view into sensory and aesthetic properties for artists and designers.

  • See examples of the connection between materials and art throughout history
  • Find out how to use simple materials selection projects to teach materials science topics in introductory courses
  • Discover the Design database and how it can support design courses

Who should attend?

  • Professors in arts and design departments interested in materials teaching
  • Professors in engineering departments interested in engaging their students with more artistic approaches to materials selection

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Ansys Twin Builder 2020 R1: Examining Latest Enhancements and the Twin Builder Battery Wizard

9 kwietnia 2020 — 17:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

This insightful webinar provides a detailed look at how you can use Ansys Twin Builder to build, validate and deploy complete systems simulations and digital twins for predictive maintenance. Examining the latest release of 2020 R1, we will discuss Twin Builder’s many new innovations including enhancements to Modelica workflow, reduced order model (ROM) technologies and performance improvements.

We will also explore Twin Builder’s new Battery Wizard which shortens your development time for building, simulating and testing an entire battery-powered electrical system across industries. Battery Wizard also helps guide you through the virtual construction of battery cells, modules, models and parameters.

Join us for this free webinar and learn about the latest 2020 R1 advancements for Ansys Twin Builder with a deep dive focus on Battery Wizard.

  • Understand how Twin Builder helps you create, validate and deploy complete systems simulations for predictive maintenance.
  • Discover Twin Builder’s numerous new innovations in 2020 R1.
  • Learn how to use Battery Wizard to cut development time for an entire battery-powered electrical system.
  • Receive expert tips for using Battery Wizard to virtually construct battery cells, modules, models and parameters.

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Entering a New Era: Using Simulation Technology for Aircraft Electrification

14 kwietnia, 2020— 17:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Like nearly every other industry segment, the airline industry is undergoing a transformation with an increased push towards aircraft electrification. The aircraft of the future is projected to be more autonomous, connected and electric – requiring aircraft configurations and propulsion systems that are radically different than today. While a totally electric commercial aircraft may be years away, there is increasing investment by industry, government and academia into all aspects of related and enabling technologies. In many cases, lessons learned from the automotive sector are valuable in furthering this technology for aviation.

Join us for this free webinar that provides a detailed look at how cutting-edge simulation technology is radically advancing aircraft electrification. You will learn how pervasive engineering simulation aids in cost reduction and increased product reliability through digital exploration during the design and operation phases of product development cycle. Additionally, this webinar discusses simulation technologies that will help you model and develop electric aircraft components.

  • Learn how to use cutting-edge simulation solutions to slash development costs and boost product reliability.
  • Understand how to conduct in-depth digital exploration during key product development cycle phases.
  • Discover the latest tools and techniques for modeling and creating next-generation electric aircraft components.

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An Introduction to Ansys in Academic – 2020 Update

15 kwietnia 2020 — 15:00 CEST
ANSYS (spotkanie prowadzone w j. angielskim)

Ansys Academic engineering simulation software is used by thousands of universities globally for undergraduate students to learn physics principles, postgraduate students to produce data for their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertations, and for researchers to solve complex engineering problems.

Whether teaching CFD to undergraduates or performing research into antenna performance, Ansys can help you solve your engineering needs.  It affords the peace of mind that you are teaching with the industry standard tool.

Join our webinar to explore how Ansys can easily and affordably help you teach the next generation of engineers or perform cutting edge research as well as find out about the latest updates through 2019 and 2020.

In this webinar you will:

  • Learn about our different types of Academic licensing – and the best combinations for both performance and finances.
  • Understand the vast array of tools that can be exploited within the Academic products – as well as additional tools in the Ansys portfolio.
  • Witness the wide customer base, both within Academia and Industry.
  • How we can help your teaching and research in each of our physics.
  • Understand the extra offerings we have, such as: teaching & support materials, student team sponsorship’s, guest seminars.

All webinar attendees will be eligible for a free two-month trial of our Ansys Learning Hub.  Join us for more details.

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