Digital transformation is impacting every industry by fundamentally transforming products and the way they are developed. Companies are searching for ways to take advantage of digital technologies to bring breakthrough products to market faster while reducing costs. ANSYS 2019 R2 delivers next-generation, pervasive engineering simulation to facilitate digital transformation.

The latest functionalities accelerate, streamline and simplify the product design cycle, from ideation to operation, by enabling engineers to work together throughout all phases. In addition, this release empowers customers to do more with simulation in less time — through enhancements to our pre- and post-processing tools, solver performance and product integration.

Specific enhancements include a revolutionary new ANSYS Mechanical user experience, simplified simulation of complex electronics, an ANSYS Fluent workflow that speeds meshing of dirty geometries, and new Granta material capabilities for structural analysis, among other vital updates. ANSYS 2019 R2 is a significant step forward in the progression of pervasive simulation solutions — accelerating digital transformation by making it increasingly easier for customers to improve business processes and shorten time to market.

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Trusted software in new wersion

3D Design

ANSYS Discovery Live continues to streamline and automate simulation with the addition of electrical conduction simulation, coupled multiphysics, and instant validation and resurfacing of topology optimization results.

Additive Manufacturing

ANSYS Additive Prep, built right into ANSYS SpaceClaim, makes orienting parts and creating advanced support structures easy. The heat maps provide fast feedback on the amount of support, distortion tendency and build time.


Experience new simulation capabilities for the design of 5G, autonomous and electrification technology with unprecedented design insight and analysis capability.

Embedded Software

ANSYS SCADE Test now includes tool qualification data for all SCADE Suite testing activities including testing the environment on host, model coverage assessment and test execution on target.


An enhanced new ANSYS Fluent experience includes a task-based, fault-tolerant workflow so you can perform more computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis in less time, with less training than ever before.


The Granta Materials Data for Simulation dataset is embedded in ANSYS Mechanical. It offers easy access to the material property data needed for structural analysis and covers many important materials classes.


ANSYS SPEOS lets you see optical simulation in a new light. Experience light simulation for optical system optimization and validation within a multiphysics environment.


ANSYS Mechanical user interface was upgraded to enhance productivity, ease of use and customization capabilities. An instant search and launch tool has been added so you can type in and quickly execute a command.


ANSYS medini analyze fully supports fault modes, effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) on the semiconductor level,  including verification of safety mechanism coverage data by fault injection.

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