The whole reality that surrounds us is the result of the enormous work of thousands of people who pursued their passion, their dreams and stubbornly worked through their goals. There would be no progress and new technologies, without the visionaries who create the paths followed by our civilization. Electric cars, jets, or the latest smartphones. All these products, which are the domain of the 21st century, were created, among others, thanks to companies like ANSYS.

Symkom, together with ANSYS, provides engineering software for the most innovative companies and Startups in the world. This is a pass to create the reality that surrounds us.

Work in Symkom

By joining Symkom team you will gain access to one of the most innovative companies in the world. Together with us, you will get to know the most complex engineering environment, which is the ANSYS software.

Why us?

At Symkom, we invest in our employees, help them develop and maintain a work-life balance. Our employees are important to us, that’s why we support their development through annual summaries, continuous feedback, training and participation in professional conferences and other events.

Take on the challenge!

Do you want to influence the world around you? By joining our team you will have that option. You will get to work with the most innovative companies in Poland. You will establish contacts with Startups from all over Europe.

How to apply?

Send your CV at

Any questions? Please, contact us!