CFD consultations

Flow analysis and control is a key issue in a number of industrial applications. From combustion in engine compartments, through multiphase transformations, rotor machinery or chemical reactions to aerodynamics, heat exchange or ventilation and air conditioning – ANSYS software can be used for modeling physical phenomena, localization of existing problems and optimization of existing solutions. ANSYS solvers are the fastest and the most trusted on the market. ANSYS modules are integrated in the ANSYS Workbench environment. By choosing tested solutions you can be sure that your product will work optimally before the first prototype is made.

Structural consultations

ANSYS as a world leader in numerical analysis, offers a wide range of tools for modeling mechanical problems. Thanks to 40 years of experience, analyzes carried out in the ANSYS environment are characterized by the highest quality and reliability. The integration of all stages of analysis in one consistent environment allows new users to quickly master the necessary skills to create advanced models. It is also possible to combine mechanical analyzes with flow or electromagnetic analyzes, so that virtual testing of complex physical systems has never been so easy.

Electromagnetic consultations

The ANSYS company offers tools for conducting electromagnetic field analysis and complex coupled analyzes. Available solutions allow engineers to innovate faster in electronics and electrical engineering and optimize existing products. The use of a homogeneous computing environment allows for the automation, perimeter and system analysis as well as conducting coupled analyzes in order to better understand the product operating under real conditions. Within the ANSYS environment, it is possible to analyze transformers, electric motors, actuators, integrated circuits, printed circuits, car electronics, mobile phones and telecommunications systems.

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