Our mission

Our mission is to provide leading engineering simulation ANSYS software, in order to support all engineering projects and help to bring innovation to the Polish industry and science. By promoting the ANSYS software, we increase the capabilities of Polish engineers. Our priority is to understand the customer’s needs and provide the optimal solution. Our qualified team of specialists with many years of experience in modeling have helped to lavarage successes of many companies and academic centers.

About us

Symkom – ANSYS Channel Partner in Poland exists on the Polish market since 1997.

The main goal of the Symkom company is the implementation of comprehensive solutions for numerical analysis in ANSYS software. As a long-term partner of Fluent and later ANSYS, we have over twenty years of experience in numerical simulations. In our portfolio, you can find software for flow, mechanical and electromagnetic analyses. We provide professional consultations and training. We also help our customers to select appropriate computer equipment for ANSYS software.

Our vision

Our goal to build universal awareness of the advantages and capabilities of ANSYS software among the engineering community in Poland. We are convinced that access and the skill of using the highest quality tools, such as ANSYS, contribute to the modernization of the Polish economy. We believe that our activity will accelerate the development of our clients and partners, and we as Symkom will grow with them.

Established in 1997. Symkom was the first representative of Fluent in Poland. We are one of the few companies that have more than twenty years of experience in comupter fluid dynamics (CFD), and the international background (USA and Japan). In the year 2009 ANSYS purchased Fluent, the largest CFD software vendor, and Symkom became a certified ANSYS Channel Partner in Poland.

Currently, Symkom has offices in Warsaw (headquarters and training center) and in Gliwice. It is one of the most recognizable CAE software providers, actively promoting ANSYS products and providing professional technical support. Symkom provides solutions for fluid dynamics, mechanics and electromagnetic simulations, embedded software, High-Performance Computing (HPC)  and the entire ANSYS product portfolio. For many years, we have maintained the highest level of customer service among ANSYS European Partners.

The entire Symkom team is a trusted partner in solving complex engineering challenges. Our priority is to understand the customers’ needs and provide optimal solutions. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers in numerical simulations supported many companies and academic centers in achieving their goals. That is why Symkom is regularly awarded by ANSYS company (from 2010 – President’s Club Achievement Awards to 2019 – Customer Loyality Award). Symkom has been showing uninterrupted and stable growth for over 20 years.

Our company also offers professional services, including seminars and training, tailored to the participants’ knowledge and experience, as well as comprehensive consulting. Our trainings are available both for groups and for individual users who want to broaden their knowledge about ANSYS software, and for those who need support in their own analyses. Our clients come from many industries , including automotive, energy, aviation, defense industry, chemical industry, marine, electronics, and biomedicine.

Selected achievements

1997 – foundation of Symkom company, Fluent Channel Partner

1999 – Cooperation with ICM UW

2007 – Symkom becomes ANSYS Channel Partner in Poland

2010 – President’s Club Achievement Awards

2012 – Territorial Award – Total Sales / Renewal Sales Achievement Awards

2014 – Cooperation with Arrinera company when designing the first Polish supercar – Read more

2015 – Achievement Award

2018 – Top 4 Global Customer Service Channel Partner for 2017 – Read more

2018 – Opening of the second Symkom office in Gliwice

2019 – Customer Loyalty Award for 2018 – Read more

Symkom, in cooperation with the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Warsaw (ICM UW), offers Campus Multiphysics academic licenses for academic, scientific and research institutions in Poland. The Polish national license program, unique in Europe, brings together over 40 members from the academic and scientific community. The products included in the Academic Campus Multiphysics license allow them to consolidate software tools, reduce software and IT costs, extend simulation limits, and increase the level of innovation.

At Symkom we understand how important it is to educate and invest in future engineers. To achieve this goal, we promote ANSYS products among engineering students across Poland who are interested in learning the basics of simulation and increasing the knowledge of ANSYS products. Symkom supports students’ Academic Circles and teams with knowledge and ANSYS software. In addition, we encourage students to use ANSYS Student free educational licenses.

Symkom actively promotes the ANSYS Startup Program that allows full access to engineering simulation software that is designed to help entrepreneurs develop their products quickly and cost-effectively. We understand that in the initial stages of company development, there is often a lack of funds for such products. This program was created, so your company could grow and use its full potential, by working with the best available tools – ANSYS software – with minimal capital involvement. Many of the large companies in the world started as startups, therefore ANSYS together with Symkom is determined to cooperate with today’s startups to create future leaders.

Every year Symkom organizes meetings of ANSYS software users. During these conferences, our clients receive information about the latest versions of the software from representatives of ANSYS and Symkom. In addition, we invite our clients to present their applications and case studies of ANSYS software. The number of participants is growing year by year, which shows that the ANSYS Symkom Conference has become an expected and important event for the engineering simulation community in Poland.

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