Compendium of discretization – summary

  • Maciej Ginalski (Symkom) – organizator, introduction to discretization, hybrid mesh, meshless methods
  • Piotr Buliński (Symkom) – structured mesh, unstructured mesh, dynamic mesh
  • Tomasz Duda (University of Bath) – discretization in simulations of rotating machines
  • Wojciech Hojnor (Newag) – hybrid mesh
  • Michał Ałaszkiewicz (Noa Marine) – dynamic mesh
Logo Masterclass

The second edition of our meetings in the new formula of Masterclass with experts took place on 20th of May 2019. Our speakers made this two and a half hour meeting was filled with substantive information. The mail goal of Masterclass is to share practical knowledge that can be immediately used in the projects and work of attendees. The series is also a great opportunity for networking, as our seminars and attended by specialists from various industries. Exchange of experiences, knowledge and the opportunity to receive advice from other people is priceless.

Our experts talked about different mesh types and dealt with many popular myths related to them. Invited speakers presented how ANSYS software is used by them in simulations of rotating machines and presented methods for using dynamic mesh deformation in the simulation of an underwater drone.

We would like to thank Rzeszów University of Technology for help in organizing the event, Speakers, for preparing interesting presentations and, of course, guests, for numerous arrivals.